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GS dPDFs : unequal scale grids

We have constructed a grid of unequal scale dPDFs using the prescription suggested on page 10 of 0910.4347. The grid covers the range 1 GeV2 to 109GeV2 in both Q1 and Q2, and 10-6 to 1 in x1 and x2. Unfortunately this grid is so big (1.5GB) that it is not possible to distribute and use it in the same way as the equal scale dPDF grid. Instead, we suggest that interested users who have a particular application in mind email us with the Q1 and Q2 ranges for which they require the dPDFs. Provided these ranges are not too large, we will extract a manageable subgrid out of the main grid, and upload this along with some interpolation code to this page. Alternatively, you may wish to use one of the grids already requested.

Note that the interpolation subroutine provided with the two-scale grids is called in a similar way to the single-scale interpolation subroutine, except two Q arguments now have to be provided rather than one:

    CALL GS092S(X1,X2,Q1,Q2,F1,F2,DPDF)

Requested Grids+Code:

7.31 < Q1 < 63.27 GeV, 7.31 < Q2 < 230.91 GeV (48MB)

40 < Q1 < 2000 GeV, 40 < Q2 < 2000 GeV (82MB)

1 < Q12 < 109 GeV2, 1 < Q22 < 109 GeV2. Grid only contains gg dPDF. (7MB)